One bag can change the world..

Well, the fashion world that is.F759C6BF-5DAC-41BD-81CC-82664B9A769C

Since the mid 80s, the Hermès Birkin bag has been a highly coveted and sought after handbag that only the wealthiest of celebrities can get their hands on. It is an elite symbol in the fashion world and anyone that owns one (or multiple) is seen as a style icon. It is a classic style with timeless accents that has been well loved throughout the past 30 years. This bag has created its own empire on top of the already incredibly famous Hermès brand it stemmed from and continues to curate a loyal following of those looking to buy the classic piece.

Because of its notoriety among the Hollywood elite, the bag now has a waiting list that, at some points, has been over a year long. On top of the daunting line of people waiting to get their own, it’s also caused a hefty spike in its price because of the ever increasing demand. Recently, according to Pop Fashion News, the matte white crocodile skin Birkin bag sold for $377,000 at an auction earlier this year. Because of the extreme demand for these bags, they’re not even sold online or in stores so the waiting list is the only way to snag one for yourself.

The quality and craftsmanship of a Birkin is bar none the best in the business and that is what’s to thank for creating the hype around this handbag. It takes over twenty hours for one craftsman to create this one of a kind piece but if you ask any Birkin owner, it is well worth the wait. It’s a collector’s piece so special to some that they don’t even wear it or use it but buy only as a keepsake.

This is typically unheard of in the fashion industry as most pieces, while still extremely expensive and made with exquisite quality, aren’t up to par with the iconic Hermès handbag. The Birkin bag has distinguished itself as a high quality piece with value that stands the test of time. It’s a timeless piece that only seems to be gaining in popularity and recognition for both first time buyers and long standing collectors. Just ask Victoria Beckham, she’s been known to own over 100 of them.


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